Our personnel have been developing electronic data interchange (EDI) applications since 1985. We have the experience to know what works and what doesn't work, and when things are getting too complicated for reliable operation. We have experience using various formatting and transmission schemes and protocols. Whether you need to transmit or receive data defined as fixed format, delimited, X12, or XML based, we develop solutions to meet your requirements.


  • An application that received analytical data from laboratories, validated that data, then loaded it into a database for further processing.
  • An application that received electronic invoices, verified that the invoiced items were both ordered and received, calculated penalties based upon failure to meet contract criteria such as quality and delivery times, then presented that information for final invoice approval and payment.
  • An application that transmitted patient clinical and admission information between different systems within a hospital.
  • An application that generated and transmitted orders electronically to the client's vendors.
  • An application that received mortgage information and loaded it into the mortgage processing system.
  • An application that captured geophysical data from instruments in the field, formatted and transmitted that data for use in other applications.
  • Developed SOAP based applications to communicate with several shipping companies.

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